Joss Whedon talks THE AVENGERS multiple characters and dealing with screen time

The Avengers coverage on GeekTyrant has been non-stop. I for one am very excited to see this film on the big screen. Director Joss Whedon recently spoke to Total Film Magazine about how he is managing the multiple characters and their screen time.

There may be SPOILERS in the information below!


He confirms the film will be lead by 'Steve Rogers', keep reading to check out what he had to say:

Is it hard to give every character a descent share of screen time? 

"I think the whole point of a team movie is to explain why every member is there, so it's about getting those moments for each character. I think we end up identifying with Steve Rogers, he's our intro into the modern world - because he's only recently joined it. Sometimes we refer to him as Luke Skywalker... but obviously a lot less whiny."

Does that mean you've got a Han Solo? 

"Well that would be Tony Stark!"

How is it managing a set full of leading actors? 

"You might imagine it would be a giant ego-fest but there are so many stars in this movie no one's carrying the burden of the whole film. Everyone's been very gracious and I think they all really trust each other. I spoke to every one of them about their characters and what I was planning to do before I ever set pen to paper, so I had their input all the through. It was just a question of putting them all together and makign it work."

Also, it's nothing major, but somewhat complimenting - heres a brief set video depicting Joss Whedon seemingly thinking something over. What exactly that "something" is; we may never know. And theres also a random great view of extras running. 

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