Anthony Hopkins to Join Serial Killer Film, SOLACE

Anthony Hopkins is in final negotiations to take on the lead role in a new serial killer thriller being set up at New Line Cinema called Solace. It's always got to be nice when you land an Oscar winner in one of your films. It sure doesn't hurt the movie you're making... unless your Cuba Gooding Jr., I'm not sure why his career went the way it did after he won that Oscar for Jerry McGuire. Anyway, that's another rant for another day.

According to the trades Hopkins will play a character named John Clancy, a former doctor with psychic abilities who works for the FBI and is drawn into a unique serial killer case that pits him against a formidable foe. So Hopkins will be on the other side of the fence in this new serial killer film, unless there's some kind of twist at the end where he ends up being the killer all along. 

The movie was actually set for development back in 2008, and Mark Pellington (The Mothman Prophecies, Arlington Road) was attached to direct it. The original script for the film had been written by Sean Bailey and Ted Griffin, and had rewrites by James Vanderbilt. It has since been rewritten by Peter Morgan.  Of course now Pellington isn't attached to direct it anymore. As of right now there's no director attached to the film, but producers are on the hunt. 

Hopkins most recently starred Marvel's in Thor where he did a hell of a job playing Odin. He will likely reprise that role in the sequel set for 2013.