Blu-ray Review: SCARFACE LIMITED EDITION is a must-own for any fan!

ReviewMovie Blu-ray by Jim Napier

I recently had the chance to watch the Scarface Limited Edition Blu-ray. As a fan of the film I was excited to see the improvements and special features the disc boasted. I remember seeing this film on VHS when I was younger and automatically being drawn into this web of drugs and money, much like Al Pacino's character. This is the first film that I started truly taking notice of every little detail. From the line delivery to the costuming to the some amazing camera work by director Brian De Palma.

The extras on this disc are reason enough to purchase the limited edition. Often Blu-ray special editions feature low quality images and video, but this is not the case on this limited edition. My favorite extra has to be The Scarface Phenomenon mini documentary. It showed that I was not alone in my love for the film and it's characters and gave me a behind-the-scenes look into peoples love and hate of the film.

There is some great interviews with a number of relevant actors, directors, critics, etc. that really take the film to a new level for me. The best part for me is hearing the first-hand insight from the actors on what it was like filming the movie. If there has to be a low part of the extras it would be the deleted scenes. I am glad that those scenes did not make it into the final cut of the film. As a fan of video games I loved the makking of documentary that showed the making of the hit game. 

I have seen this movie so many times, and there is so much more to take away from each viewing. The film looks and sounds majestic on Blu-ray. This is one of the best digital transfers that I have ever seen for Blu-ray in recent years. The color does not look washed out and grainy, making it seem like I am seeing a completely different film. The disc is equipped with Dolby 7.1 sound, making you feel enveloped in a wall of sound. I could feel the bullets whizzing by my ears and the explosions rattling the floor.

The script is stellar thanks to Oliver Stone. There are so many emotions that I felt watching the movie, everything from excitement to horror. The foundations for those emotions are established by Stone's writing and put into action by De Palma's shooting style. Scarface one wild ride of money, drugs corruption and excess. Every performance in this film is great too. As one of the documentary extras on the disc says, De Palma truly made everyone look good on screen. 

Scarface is much more than the violence and foul language that many people initially view the film as. Many critics feel that it glorifies violence and is misogynistic to women. While that may be partly true, it does show that crime does not pay. Drug dealers and gangsters end up in one of two ways, jail or dead! 

In Conclusion:

This is a must-own for any fan of Al Pacino and DePalma. The sound and picture quality make you feel as though you are watching this movie for the first time. This limited edition has so many awesome bonus features to keep you entertained for hours. I highly recommend you watch the movie and then immediately immerse yourself in the commentary tracks.

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