Kid has a Creepy Picnic with Luke Skywalker on the 1979 set of EMPIRE STRIKE BACK - Video

Here's a pretty crazy vintage 1979 Star Wars video of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) having a picnic with an 8-year-old kid named Danny on the Degobah set of Empire Strikes Back. It must have been a pretty trippy experience for this kid! He won a national contest from an old BBC wish-granting TV show called Jim'll Fix It. Children would write to host Jimmy Savile, asking him to make a certain dream come true for them on national television, and little Danny here won the grand prize of visiting The Empire Strikes Back production at Elstree Studios in London.

The video has kind of a creepy vibe to it. During their little lunch Hamill and R2D2 show off a clip from the film, which has been untouched by George Lucas' CGI special effects upgrades. Once Danny is done on the set, he pops back in on the Jim'll Fix It show where Chewbacca comes out and says he likes to eat little girls. 

I wonder how little Danny turned out as an adult after this little Star Wars meet and greet. I imagine he may have had some psychological issues. If your out there Danny hit us up! 

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