The Legend of Zelda Remixed: New and Old Takes on the Soundtrack

"Six Tones Never Sounded So Sweet

How many of you guys find yourselves humming the song of storms on a rainy day? How about humming Saria's Song when you are travelling aimlessly through the woods? What about Epona's song when you need to call your brown stallion to your side to vanquish the land of Hyrule from an evil green man with a chip on his shoulder? No? No one? Well for those of you looking to update your ipod, I decided to post some new and old Zelda remixes so you have something new to bop too whilst you travel the land that still believes heavily in segregation (and the Gorons better stay in them mountains)...and if nothing else it'll probably break up all the Rush albums you own.

Above the vids are links to more of what you're listening too, so go deku nuts!



Ocarina of Rhyme (Personal Must Own In My Opinion)

Artificial Fear: LOZ METAL (Also highly recommended)

DeadMau5 even did something...albeit it's just an intro off one of his singles

And there's this.

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