Leonard Nimoy Hand Draws STAR TREK Shirts and Sells them on Etsy

First of all... Leonard Nimoy has an Etsy account? The legendary actor who played Spock in the Star Trek series was selling hand made t-shirts on recently on his Etsy account. It looks like the guy literally took a black sharpie and drew the famous "Live long a prosper" Vulcan salute with the abbreviation  "LLAP". He sold the limited-edition shirts on Etsy. They sold out pretty quick, so you wont be getting one unless he makes some more. Nimoy could probably make a very good living by selling t-shirt like this. Even though they don't look like anything special, they are because they come from the hand of Leonard Nimoy. 

Click here to check out his Etsy store.

Here are the details listed for the shirt:

Here are t-shirts with the Live Long and Prosper hand signal on the back of each shirt with the letters “LLAP” on the bottom of the hand. 

Each of these shirts are HAND DRAWN by Leonard Nimoy around his own hand using a fabric marker.

Nimoy individually drew each shirt, so all of them are ONE OF A KIND. These shirts are not mass-produced.

These shirts are very special and only a few were made.

Each shirt comes with a COA

The style of shirt we used is Hanes Comfort Soft.

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