Artwork from THE TWILIGHT ZONE Carousel opening in Rod Serling’s Hometown

Here is an awesome collection of circus themed Twilight Zone artwork that was created by Cortland Hull for a carousel that was put up in honor of Twilight Zone Rod Serling in his hometown of Binghamton N.Y. I hope the musical tune that plays on the carousel is the Twilight Zone theme song, because that would be creepy and awesome!

Rod Serling has been honored in his hometown of Binghamton N.Y. on a 1925 carousel in Recreation Park, which has been fully restored by WFR Designs, with special paintings done by Cortland Hull, on the "rounding boards", which form the top border or "crown" of the carousel. These scenics were done in the period style of "Fairground Art" similar to circus posters, but very detailed.

Check out the Artwork and carousel below and tell us what you think!

My paintings of Shatner in "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet" & Richard Kiel in "To Serve Man"

Bill Mumy "It's A Good Life" & Gig Young in "Walking Distance"

Rod Serling portrait, with a bit of "A Stop At Willoughby" in the background (band concert pavillion is really from Binghamton & contains a plaque honoring Serling)

"The Howling Man" with John Carradine & Robin Hughes as "The Devil"

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