BRUCE ALMIGHTY Sequel in the Works For Jim Carrey

Universal Pictures is prepping a Bruce Almighty sequel for Jim Carrey. Variety reports that the studio is intent on moving forward with a sequel to the 2003 film.The first film was a huge hit at the box office, raking in $500 million worldwide. The studio has hired Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel (Hot Tub Time Machine, Yes Man) to write the script.

At this time it is not known if Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Aniston would return. Tom Shadyac has not directed a scripted film since Evan Almighty, but it would be cool to see him back in the director's chair.

Not many people liked Evan Almighty, but it was not bad. I am a bit biased since I am a huge fan of Steve Carrell. I did not really like Bruce Almighty, one of my least favorite Carrey films. I could take or leave this sequel.

What are your thoughts on this news?

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