Joe Carnahan Talks NARC and A-TEAM Sequels

Director Joe Carnahan and Liam Neeson gave an update on the possibility of an A-Team sequel while doing press for The Grey. If you were looking forward to seeing a sequel to the film, don't hold your breath. Apparently, Fox is not willing to finance a sequel after their losses on the original. Here is what Neeson had to say about the chances:
“A-Team [2], I don’t think so. I don’t think it made enough money. The studio don’t want [it]“, Neeson, who took on the ol’ George Peppard role of Hannibal Smith for the movie said.
Carnahan added:
“as much fun as I had making that movie, I don’t want to get tied up in that whole world of sequels and franchises. There’s too many movies I want to make. There’s too many other stories I want to tell. The good thing that came out of A-Team not being successful is that I would never have made The Grey, I’d be working on A-Team 2 right now. And that would have been a bigger bummer to me.”
Carnahan then went on to talk about a possible sequel to Narc. The 2002 film told the story of corrupt police involved in the illegal drug trade. Carnahan has reportedly pitched the idea to Ray Liotta, who would reprise his role as Lt. Henry Oak.
“I was talking to Ray Liotta the other night about a Narc sequel,” Carnahan reveals. “I told him the opening…if I could do that movie for like ten million bucks and not be bothered and be left to do my thing I would do it in a second. Creative control means more to me than having my name on a big-budget thing.”
I am interested in seeing a sequel to Narc, so that is cool news. It is unfortunate that The A-Team will not have a sequel; I really had a lot of fun seeing the TV characters on the big screen. At least we get to see Neeson in The Grey and soon in Taken 2. What are your thoughts on this news?

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