Man's Ex-Wife Dumps His Star Wars Toy Collection in Alley

Humor Star Wars by Joey Paur

A lot of us geeks enjoy collecting things, and we've all had our day collecting Star Wars toys. I myself have about four or five boxes full of Star Wars toys. This poor guy's ex-wife turned to the dark side and ended up taking his entire Star Wars collection and dumping it in an alley behind her house. I'm sure there's been time my wife has wanted to do that, but thankfully she hasn't... yet. 

There were about 10 black trash bags with carded figures stuffed into them 400-500 of them! Good thing the weather was cooperative and I was quick enough on the scene to detour the smokers in the alley.

Hey, at least she shoved them in black trash bags and didn't burn them, because we all know that's what she really wanted to do. 

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