Our Top 5 Superhero Moments On Robot Chicken

You can't be a geek and not appreciate a little Robot Chicken every now and then. For those of you not familiar with the show, imagine a bunch of geeks taking everything nerdy you love, then comedically dismantling it in a way only true fanboys can.

They've done it time and time again with Star Wars and are planning to do a DC Comics exclusive episode sometime this summer! While you wait for that awesomeness, why don't you check out some of our favorite super-clips from the show thus far.

5. Mister Mxyzptlk?

For a 6000 year old fictional 5th dimension imp, Mister mxyzptlk (which is very hard to type on your keyboard I'm learning) sure is stupid. I mean, how hard is it not to say your name backwards? Yet Superman tricks him again sending his mischievous a** back to contemplate turning Lois Lane into a goose or whatever the hell he does nowadays.

4. The Joker Gets The Death Penalty

I'm pretty sure this would be a real story line, except in the comics Joker would survive. Seriously that guy can take all sorts of punishment and always come back for more! I also love how Batman is so calm and collected throughout the electric chair scene, classic "Bats."

3. Reverse Villains

It's a shame reverse Wonder Woman doesn't exist in real life as it would probably make her comics better. That aside (I await your emails WW fans) Superman is spot on with his description of Bizarro's face.

2. Spiderman's spider senses are tingling?

Unfortunately there's only one Marvel clip to be found on our list (spoiler alert for number one), but it's a good one. This clip shows the daily struggle as Spidey wrestles with when to and not to listen to his "spider senses." +1 as well for Aunt May having a stroke because that completely caught me off guard.

1. Give it up Sinestro!

Oh Green Lantern, you picked a bad day to f*** with Sinestro. All kidding aside though, Hal Jordan isn't the only GL who doesn't have opposable digits to rock a ring on is he? Maybe he stole the idea from Mogo and that giant mountain on him isn't what we thought it was.

"Non-living planets ought to suck."

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