Movie Review: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 3D Is a Visual Treat!

Post-converted 3D technology has gotten a bad rap since the disaster that was Clash of the Titans. While there are still some fiascos in that department, it has by and large become a more even playing field in the battle of filmed-in-3D vs. post-converted-3D.

Just a few short months ago, I was utterly disappointed in THE LION KING 3D release. The 3D dimmed the bright colors of the landscapes and didn’t add anything to the story. So while the story itself was still great, and beautifully animated, the 3D actually diminished the overall quality of the film. Because of this experience, I was hesitant to see the latest Disney 3D re-release, Beauty and the Beast.
Thankfully, this was entirely different; Beauty and the Beast 3D is a stunning visual experience! The classic film has only been enhanced by 3D, bringing depth and drama to an already great film. The woods seemed scarier, the castle more cavernous and foreboding, the town more isolating to Belle--all heightened thanks to the scope and of beautiful use of 3D. The woods in particular were awesome--with the moon so far away and the foggy path seeming to stretch on, you fully understand just why the horse Phillippe doesn’t want to venture down that route. The film on its own is fantastic; it was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture back in 1991 for good reason! That alone makes it worth the theater revisit. Take your kids, your friends, your family - it’s a film for everyone regardless of age and gender. While it’s getting a 3D release, there will be 2D theaters as well. See it either way, but know that the 3D does take the viewing experience to another level with the amazing attention to detail on the landscapes.
Watch it; you definitely won’t regret it. Side note: Get there early! Screenings will air a brand new short, Tangled Ever After. Fans of the Tangled feature will love it, as it focuses on two of the funniest characters from the film, Pascal and Maximus. Even if you haven’t seen the full-length movie, there’s enough there to engage and entertain you. Watch a teaser clip from the short below.

Beauty and the Beast 3D is out in theaters January 13, 2012. It’s a limited run, so don’t wait!
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