FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot May Be Directed by CHRONICLE Director

It looks as if 20th Century Fox has found the person to reboot Fantastic Four, and yes, in case you didn't already know, it is going to get the remake treatment. 

The studio has expressed interest in hiring Josh Trank to direct the movie, this is the same guy who directed the upcoming low-budget superhero film Chronicle. According to Variety, the studio has had several meetings with the director, but they are waiting to see how well Chronicle does at the box office before offering him the gig. I bet he's hoping like hell that Chronicle does well! Even if it doesn't, I'm sure he'll end up getting more offers. Not sure why he would ant to take the new Fantastic Four reboot anyway, I don't know if he's prepared to feel the wrath of the fanboys and fangirls. 

Chronicle looks like it will be an awesome movie worth seeing. I'm excited for it, and I think it will end up doing well. I think Trank will most likely be the man to take on Fantastic Four, and if that happens there's no way it could be any worse than the first two films that were made. What do you think about all this?