Insanely Bad HULK Rip-off Film

Here's a trailer for a film called The Amazing Bulk, which is a hilariously bad rip-off of Marvel's The Incredible Hulk. This is easily one of the most epically cheap movies ever made. I wish I could say at least they tried, but good hell, this is just beyond terrible. I have no idea what the motivation was behind this, and why any of these people would waste their time on making it. It was created by Tomcat Films, the footage you are about to watch my offend you. 

Here's the Synopsis:

Henry "Hank" Howard, an ambitious young scientist, struggles to develop a superhuman serum designed to improve muscle mass and prolong life expectancy. His boss, the grumpy General Darwin, will not allow Hank to marry his daughter, Hannah, until the experiment is a success. Against Darwin's wishes Hank proposes to Hannah anyway, but his life is shattered by a mugger who steals his engagement ring. Dejected, Hank injects himself with the experimental serum and is transformed into the Amazing Bulk.

The Bulk goes on a rampage through the city, destroying everything in his path. Hank is caught by a relentless detective, imprisoned by Darwin, and forced to battle the sadistic Dr. Kantlove, who threatens to blow up the moon with his arsenal of weapons.

Watch the god awful trailer below, and share your thoughts below.

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