Watch Original JOHN CARTER Test Footage from Kerry Conran


John Carter probably holds the record for the film with the longest time in development hell (that is, studios try to put a film together and it collapses). Since 1931, many filmmakers--including "Looney Tunes" director Bob Clampett, famed stop motion animator Ray Harryhausen, Terminator producer Mario Kassar and Die Hard director John McTiernan, Desperado director Robert Rodriguez, and Iron Man director Jon Favreau--have taken a shot at developing a screen version of Edgar Rice Burroughs' character and his adventures on Mars. 81 years later, two-time Oscar winner Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, Wall*E) makes his live-action debut with John Carter.

But while the film was still in the hands of Paramount Pictures (after Rodriguez had left the project), they gave it to Kerry Conran, famous for his epic period adventure, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. He was given the opportunity to make a test reel, adhering to the aesthetics seen in Sky Captain to bring John Carter to life. Paramount let the rights lapse, and Walt Disney Pictures bought the rights exclusively for Andrew Stanton.

You can watch Conran's test footage here:

It certainly is interesting, but I still hold out hope for John Carter and wish all the best for Andrew Stanton.


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