5 Things To Get You Closer To Rooney Mara

Maybe you were a member of the above crowd, maybe you weren't. In any case there's no denying that Rooney Mara has sky-rocketed in popularity after her breakout performance in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. As we eagerly await her next role, let's review some things you may not have known about Hollywood's new trendy actress.

5. She Comes From Football Royalty

Believe it. Ms. Mara is the daughter of New York Giants executive Timothy Christopher Mara. Her grandfather (mother's side) Art Rooney Sr. is the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and her great grandfather (father's side) is Giants founder Tim Mara. Maybe she'll be at the Superbowl if the Giants win the division?

4. Her Name Isn't Really Rooney Mara

In case you didn't catch that from the last number, Rooney is the maiden name of her mother and actually her middle name. Her real name is Patricia Rooney Mara (Italics give it class), but that doesn't roll off the tongue as easily so what are you gonna do?

3. Her Piercings in GWTDT Were Real!

According to reports by Vogue, the eyebrow, ear, and nipple piercings of Rooney Mara were all legit and completed in several sessions between Brooklyn and Sweden. You can't say she's not dedicated. Wonder if she's going to keep them in for the sequels?

2. She Made Me Want To See A Clockwork Orange Again

...all I'm saying is it takes a lot for me to want to re-watch A Clockwork Orange. That just did it.

1. You Can Totally See Her In A Movie With Sister Kate Mara!

Provided you can scour your local movie store's forgotten horror section and have a high tolerance for bad plot lines. Kate and Rooney's first and only collaborative role to date is the straight to DVD released horror movie Urban Legends: Bloody Mary. Released in 2005, it doesn't take much more than the trailer to know what you're in for. Payback's...a bitch. Smoking members and all.

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