Updates on Matt Damon's Drama and Ben Affleck's THE STAND

We have some updates for you on upcoming projects from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, thanks to Vulture. We will start with the bad news first. Warner Bros. has decided against making Damon's next movie about a small-town salesman. Damon was initially set to make his directing debut until Gus Van Sant came aboard to direct.

Things are not all lost on the project scripted by Dave Eggers that was rewritten by Damon and John Krasinski. Universal Pictures is now in talks to back and distribute the $15 million drama. The deal is expected to conclude within the month, and could begin shooting by late April or early May.

In other news we have some news about Ben Affleck next film after Argo. Affleck is set to direct a big screen take on Stephen King’s The Stand, "about survivors of a chemically weaponized super-flu." Screenwriter David Kajganich has now been hired to write the script. Kajganich recently gained attention for his draft of Stephen King's It for Warner Bros. Both projects are being produced by Roy Lee and Doug Davison
I was looking forward to seeing Damon behind the camera, but it will be cool for him to team with Good Will Hunting's Van Sant. The Stand on the big screen with Affleck involved sounds great to me, too. What are your thoughts on this news?


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