Victorian Batman

I came across this piece of art that looked like a Victorian-era Batman. It's from a 1904 illustrated comic book called Spring Heeled Jack - The Terror of London. (Hat tip: Vintage Gal)

Who is Spring Heeled Jack?

The story of Spring Heeled Jack begins rather innocently as a simple rumor starting in the south western area of London, early 19th century.  Beginning in 1837, citizens began reporting sightings of a figure who could seem to leap across entire streets in one bound and over ten foot hedges with scary speed and precision.  Dressed in black and often taking on demonic features, Spring Heeled Jack’s eyes glowed like red lasers and was often seen breathing blue flames through his nostrils and mouth

So I started thinking there must be some cool Victorian Era Batman art out there. I've put together a collection of art with a couple bonus images.


Victorian Batman - by Dandelion


Victorian Batman - by Matthew Humphreys

Victorian Era Batman concept - by craig-bruyn

Gotham By Gaslight - by Julie Farrell via Bleeding Cool


Victorian Joker - by Matthew Humphreys

Superman - by Matthew Humphreys


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