Pictures From 70s Daredevil That Never Was

Blastr posted these images up yesterday featuring former wife of David Bowie and mother to Duncan Jones (Source Code, Moon) Angela Bowie as the Black Widow. This was intended for a television show in the 70's featuring The Black Widow and Benny Carruthers (The Dirty Dozen, His son was in Megadeth for a bit) as Daredevil! Bowie explains her intentions below.

"I received permission from Stan Lee to have the rights to Daredevil and Black Widow for a year. We were unable to place the series. Actor, writer, Benny Carruthers and I did the photo shoot with TerryO'Neill and Natasha Kornilkoff costume designer and Barbara Daly - make-up in London and that was all that ever happened. Unfortunately at that time it was considered too difficult and expensive to film, special effects etc."

A Daredevil TV show being too expensive? Courtrooms and red sunglasses must have been a hot commodity those days! Whatever the case, this project never came to be...for better or worse tyrants?

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