US Government Rules Mutants Not Human: Saves Marvel Millions

While the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants may not be happy with the United States Court of International Trade's ruling, Fox News reports Marvel is doing cartwheels! What reason does a court have on ruling on whether or not X-Men are human or inhuman? Money.

You see, if X-Men are considered human beings, that would classify their action figures under the "doll" category, meaning the tax rate for imports would come in at 12% as opposed to the usual 6.8% for most toys.

Luckily, quick thinking international trade lawyers (and potential enemies to every X-man in existence) Sherry Singer and Indie Singh were not only able to save Marvel money on the X-Men, but also got Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Hulk classified under mutant as well! The official court statement reads...

“Whatever the degree is to which they resemble human beings, the court finds that these action figures do not represent human beings …These fabulous characters use their extraordinary and unnatural physical and psychic powers on the side of either good or evil,”

Imagine the Jim Crow debacle this will cause if mutants ever become a part of everyday life...

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