New Art From Tim Burton's SUPERMAN LIVES Arrives Online

Some new photos have surfaced from Tim Burton's Superman Lives. The project was set to star Nicolas Cage and got as far as the design and costume development phase before it stopped. These images from TimBurton.JP show toy concept designs from the project. 

This suit below is worn by Superman in the rejuvenation chamber at the Fortress of Solitude. It has all sorts of cool Kryptonian technology, "including triangular-shaped energy ports for “plugging” Superman into the Eradicator technology (for restoration of his powers).":

Below is a special suit "made from Eradicator technology that restores Superman’s powers during the darkness on Earth":
Superman wears the suit below in the beginning of the movie, until his “death. It ”reflects an updated 90’s look” compared to Superman’s traditional suit:
For more cool stuff check out TimBurton.JP. It would have been cool to see how the project would have looked. What are your thoughts?
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