CHRONICLE - 60 Second Trailer and Film Clip

There seems to be a lot of excitement building around this new superhero film Chronicle, and why wouldn't there be? This looks like it's ging to be a great entertaining film. 20th Century Fox has released a new 60-second trailer and film clip for the movie, which was directed by Josh Trank (Big Fan) from a script written by Max Landis.

The story follows three normal teenage boys who develop extra special abilities after being exposed to a mysterious substance in the woods. The cast includes Dane DeHaan (The Wettest County in the World,The Place Behind The Pines), Michael B. Jordan (The Wire, Parenthood, Red Tails), and Alex Russell as the three leads. Ashley HinshawAnna Wood, and Michael Kelly help round out the cast. 

I'm kind of getting tired of the found footage genre films, but this looks better than most of them. The story seems solid and proves that not all sci-fi film have to have mega budgets. Check out the trailer and clip below and tell us what you think!