Dear Lucasfilms, You Committed A 'Red Fail'

Dear Lucasfilms,

Watch this with the volume on 85-100 if you would be so kind.

...maybe I'm missing something here, or at least that's what I thought when I initially saw the new television spot for upcoming film Red Tails. Surely I didn't just hear a Dubstep song in a trailer for a WWII movie?

I was so shocked I hit rewind on my DVR and had to confirm I heard it. Usually I would give props to such hipness of the film industry, but not today. Here's the full song by the way. Personally I think it complements the rest of the letter well... Or at least better than a movie about soldiers in the 1940's.

Yes it's just a trailer, but really? Did you really need a ploy like this to get attention for your film? Need I remind you that you are the same production house that came out with Indiana Jones and Star Wars? Can you imagine what would've happened if you tried to liven up one of those trailers with contemporary music? You don't have to: Youtube delivered in spades.

Not enough evidence for you?

What am I getting at you may ask? Red Tails is meant to be of a serious subject matter chronicling the lives of segregated African American soldiers in the Tuskegee training you really need to make it about "party rocking" to get people in the seats? If you do, then maybe this is the beginning of my hopes of this being a good film being dashed.

 Hope I'm wrong,

Robot Reagan


P.S.- Might I suggest the trailer music for Indiana Jones 5?

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