The Secret Brilliance In Destroying Much-Coveted Technology

RantTechby Mick Joest

Ever wonder why when the hottest piece of technology hits the market you inevitably see these videos surface on the web?

If you're like me, you probably chalked it up to rich douchebags who get some type of sexual satisfaction from ruining everyone's life with their expensive shenanigans. While that's probably true as well, I noticed something recently that made me realize the genius in this seemingly insane act, and now I want to ruin it for the douchebags.

Check out how many views the first video has (2,110,359--I wouldn't want you to struggle with your mouse), and I'm sure the wheels are already turning. According to estimates from Youtube bloggers, the average high ranking video makes around $2.50 per thousand views, with other reports saying $1.00 per thousand. Suddenly that $599.99 batting practice toy just became an investment that grossed you anywhere from $2,000-$5,279 cash money.

Even in the case of the lower ranking video it's possible that the destroyer of the brand new ps3 came out at least a couple hundred dollars ahead with these estimates! Before you go around the house blowing up your entertainment system, however, you should learn some quick rules to maximize your profitability and prevent this from becoming the biggest mistake of your life.


?. Make sure your video has an ad at the beginning.

&*^E. Make sure people visit your channel in addition to viewing so you for sure get paid.

**The rest of the rules**

  1. People have to want the product, and it has to be in short supply.
  2. Preferably, you should do it in front of a large crowd who wants the item.
  3. Have some pizzazz in the destruction of the item. Shotgun an HTC or something, for crying out loud.
  4. Make sure whatever you're buying does not exceed $1,000 dollars, otherwise you may not make your money back.

Do all this, and you can make a decent (if not lavish) living destroying s***!

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