KLINGON STYLE - "Gangnam Style" Star Trek Parody

In case you were looking to break a geekier branch off the ol' "Gangnam Style" parody tree, we present you with "Klingon Style," a Star Trek version of Psy's viral K-Pop hit. I just moved back from Korea six months ago, where I was actually living only a few subway stops from the ritzy fashion and plastic surgery flooded streets of Gangnam. I can't say I've lived anywhere near Klingon though...

Comediva enlisted the help of a Klingon language expert to help translate the song. Psy's orginal song and video contain some great satire, I feel "Klingon Style" missed the opportunity to play with that aspect of the song in the Star Trek universe. They just went for full on dancing and a couple minor references, which are still fun though. I highly recommend clicking the CC button for the English subtitles, it's pretty much unwatchable without it - unless you like hearing a man gargle for 3 minutes straight.

For the English/Klingon lyrics Click Here.

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