Stan Lee's Former Company Suing Disney?!

Stan Lee Media Inc., the former company of Stan Lee, is suing Disney for billions of dollars over supposed copyright infringement. Their case? Disney doesn't own any of the characters they've been using for their movies. Seems like an incredible oversight for such a large company but sometimes things slip through the cracks. In this case, highly unlikely though, as it is not the company's first legal action they've taken in recent history. 

  • 2007- Stan Lee sues SLMI for $50 Million in copyright infringement to which SLMI sues Marvel for $5 billion for copyright infringement. Several other companies file suit claiming improper transfer of funds.
  • 2008- SLMI's suit against Marvel is dismissed, SLMI files suit again in New York. 
  • 2009- Case reopened against Marvel with an additional $750,000,000 in damages recovered by the family of Lee. 
  • 2011- Sued Conan Co. for improper sale of Conan the Barbarian the day after the movie premiere. Case immeadiately dismissed

As you can see this company is no stranger to a lawsuit every now and forever. I would continue on with the bashing of validity of the claim but I fear I might get a letter from their legal team shortly.


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