Watch Joe Carnahan's GEMINI MAN Pitch Video Featuring Clint Eastwood

A few months ago, The Grey director Joe Carnahan released a couple of pitch videos he created to show the studio what his take on what a Daredevil reboot would look like. The results were pretty awesome, and though he still might be able to move forward on that project at Disney later down the line, it seems unlikely that he'll be able to make a film with the same grungy tone at such a family-friendly studio.

Now Carnahan has released another pitch video, this one for another Disney project called Gemini Man that never made it to the screen. It's about an old hitman who fights a younger clone of himself. If you think that sounds similar to Looper, you're not alone, but I doubt the development of Rian Johnson's time travel project was what caused Disney to pull the plug on this one. Check out Carnahan's pitch, which features Clint Eastwood as both the old and young assassin:


Eastwood seems like the perfect choice for this project, and it might actually be interesting if someone was able to get this off the ground now and splice in new footage of Eastwood interacting with clips of himself from older films. Go to the same locations, dress them up to look the same as they did in the 70s and 80s, and it sounds like a groundbreaking project. I interviewed Carnahan for The Grey and he seems like a really great guy, and it's cool to see that he's open enough with his fans to share these sizzle reels with us even though the projects likely won't ever happen.

What do you think of his take on Gemini Man?

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