GANGSTER SQUAD Gets An Excellent New Trailer

Following the Aurora theater shootings, Warner Bros. went into recovery mode in order to reshoot and re-edit their new movie Gangster Squad to erase a sequence in which a bunch of people are shot in a movie theater. We can debate whether or not they should have made those changes some other time, but right now, we have a brand new trailer for the movie (which now has a January release date), and this one is really solid.

Check out the trailer below, via Slashfilm:


Penn looks like an old school Dick Tracy villain, with a flattened face and bizarre features, and the whole vibe of this movie is terrific. Those of you who played the video game L.A. Noire will certainly recognize many of the similarities, and I'm glad we're getting a big budget period piece with such a talented cast to tell this story on the big screen, regardless of the controversy surrounding it.

Excited for this one?

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