Ridley Scott Teases Sequels to PROMETHEUS and BLADE RUNNER

Seems like Ridley Scott has been dominating the news cycle lately, even though his latest sci-fi film Prometheus came out earlier this summer. It's release to Blu-ray has a whole new round of press interviews going with the iconic director, and some of his recent remarks have been riling up fanboys left and right.

Scott gave Metro (via ComingSoon) a few choice quotes about rumored sequels to his sci-fi projects, clearing up a couple of things and then, in typical Prometheus fashion, not quite answering every single question and instead posing a couple of his own.

Prometheus evolved into a whole other universe. You’ve got a person [Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw] with a head in a bag [ Michael Fassbender’s David] that functions and has an IQ of 350. It can explain to her how to put the head back on the body and she’s gonna think about that long and hard because, once the head is back on his body, he’s dangerous...I wish it was that easy. They’re going off to paradise but it could be the most savage, horrible place. Who are the Engineers?

That's what we want to know, Mr. Scott. But with all the folks who felt burned by Prometheus, I'm not sure they'd be willing to go along for another ride on a sequel. And as for that Blade Runner sequel, Scott seems sure that we'll actually see it one day:

It’s not a rumour – it’s happening. With Harrison Ford? I don’t know yet. Is he too old? Well, he was a Nexus-6 so we don’t know how long he can live [laughs]. And that’s all I’m going to say at this stage.

I had heard somewhere that there was no way that Ford would be involved with this (and something about a lead female Replicant, too), but with Scott tossing his name out there like this, it's clear that the story hasn't been broken yet and there's still room to center the film around Ford if he elects to join up. The question for geeks is, as it ever will be surrounding Blade Runner: do you want to know what happens to Harrison Ford's character? Because then that will definitively answer the question of "is Deckard a Replicant?", something that has been the source of discussion for years on end.

Do you want to see sequels to both of these projects?

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