A ROGER RABBIT 2 Script has Been Completed

While promoting his latest film, Flight, director Robert Zemeckis gave an update on his Roger Rabbit sequel revealing that a script for it has been completed. He told Showbiz411 that regardless of actor Bob Hoskin's retirement he still wants to move forward with the movie,

I have a script at Disney, and we’re just waiting for all the executive changes to settle down there.

We've been hearing about the possibility of a Roger Rabbit 2 for a few years now, and it's starting to sound like things are shaping up. This movie could actually happen. According to previous reports, the plan is to make it a CG animated live action hybrid. In my opinion, the first Roger Rabbit is the best movie to ever incorporate a live action animation mix. 

Zemeckis has been trying to get a sequel off ground for years, and even did some 3D test animation back in 1998 for it. The reason it's been taking so long to get up on the big screen is because Spielberg owns half the rights to the franchise, and apparently in one of the versions of the script Nazis were going to be the comedic villains. This happened after he made the movie Schindler's List, and told them that Nazis would never be comic villains in anything he was involved in.

Now that Spielberg has a stronger relationship with Disney, the possibility of Roger Rabbit 2 happening is a lot bigger. Are you excited to see a Roger Rabbit sequel?

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