In this week's GeekStarter we are highlighting a sweet documentary about Science Fiction Land. The movie is the latest from director Judd Ehrlich. He is a two-time Emmy-nominated filmmaker that directed such films as Run for Your Life, Mayor of the West and Magic Camp. What is cool about this GeekStarter is that it tells the story behind Argo, so if you loved that film as much as I did you should definitely support this cool documentary.

Here is an introduction to the KickStarter Project:

SCIENCE FICTION LAND tells the mind-bending true story behind Ben Affleck's ARGO. Production on our film began years before the Hollywood version. We don’t have big stars or a big budget, but we have an extraordinary story to tell. After filming dozens of interviews and accumulating a bounty of archival materials, with your support, we will be able to complete this unique film and share the real-life events that are truly stranger than fiction.


As only a documentary can, SCIENCE FICTION LAND delves deeply into this true science fiction story and recognizes its unsung heroes. As only an independent film can, we push the boundaries of storytelling to create something unique and visually rich. We want the film to transport viewers to Science Fiction Land and bring the vision of Kirby, Geller, and the team, to life.


To fully realize the vision of SCIENCE FICTION LAND, we will continue to create animations and graphics, models and reenactments, and use classic special effects techniques, with an award-winning team of cinematographers, editors, and animators, who have worked with Ehrlich on his other films. 

Our fundraising goal is the minimum we need to complete the film, but finishing is only half the battle. Any additional funds raised will go towards outreach and distribution as well as archival footage and music rights and all the work it takes to get an independent film out into the world.

Kickstarter is an incredible platform for independent documentaries and filmmakers like us, but it's all-or-nothing. If we don't meet our fundraising goal, we don't get anything. Help be a part of reaching our goal.

Projects like these are only able to get made with the help of fellow geeks like you. Make a donation today and help get Science Fiction Land off the ground!

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