TRANSFORMERS 4 Main Character Will Be High School Girl

Michael Bay is starting to prep up to make Transformers 4, which will include a whole new cast of actors, and we'll be seeing some new robot characters as well. Shia LaBeouf is not returning, and that's ok with me. It will be interesting to see what story they tell, but we know that it will be a continuation of the the first three movies, and not a complete reboot. 

It was recently revealed by Spoiler TV that Paramount Pictures and Bay are looking to cast the lead female character and her boyfriend. Here's the description...

The new female lead that they are looking for is a high school senior and her boyfriend a Texas racing driver.

I like that they are looking to cast a lead female character in the movie. It's nice to switch things up a bit. I'm curious to see see what type of actress they end up casting. Since this is Michael Bay we're talking about I imagine the character will be part of the hot popular crowd in school. What other kind of girl would date a Texas racing driver? What type of girl would you like to see cast in the role?

What do you think about the new direction this franchise is taking?

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