DEADPOOL: Domino Reveal Gets Overshadowed by Primitive Humor

Recently fan favorite character Domino was confirmed as being featured in High Moon Studios upcoming Deadpool title. After the initial excitement and happiness that I'm actually getting a version of Domino in a game wore off,  I've been hunting the web for more information just like everybody else.

That leads us to the newest interview with High Moo…sorry, Deadpool, specifically talking about Lady Luck herself. Here are a few choice quotes, and feel free to read the full thing here

Q: Deadpool, why did you choose to include Domino in your video game?

A: Dude, no brainer, man. Have you seen pictures of her? She is smokin’ hot. And if that wasn’t enough (it totally is) she also knows how to handle a gun which turns me on. She has a soft spot for pancakes in large volumes, loves blowing things up, knows my GUY <BLEEP> (sorry, spoilers!) AND she owes me a date. (there’s the important part) So this is kinda like that: a date. I figure her Mutant power will help her ‘get lucky’ with me. (we see what you did there) Cross your fingers for a happy ending! Did we mention that she is stupid hot?

Q: Is Deadpool’s version of Domino different than how she is shown in the comics?

A: Why would you take a work of art like Domino and mess with her? She’s got that lucky feeling that a person wants to be a part of. Get us some of that! So my minions at High Moon modeled her sweet body into the game just the way Deadpool (that’s me) likes it. The fans will appreciate High Moon’s careful attention to (her bewbs) detail and clear love of the Marvel comic universe when they see her in game. It’s called craftsmanship! 

Okay, so I can hear someone yelling at their screen "its a joke" and "get over it". You could also be saying "that's the character" and "stop being over-sensitive". Maybe you're right, but I'm not so sure. Yes its a joke, and I get what its trying to say. Deadpool is hilarious, irreverent, a rebel with absolutely no cause, etc, etc, and I could just let it go. The reason I can't though is that to me what is described above is not THE take on Deadpool, just one of several takes over the years. I happen to prefer the "slightly goofy, could be considered insane if he wasn't so good at his job" version of the character. That is personal taste, so I know not everyone sees that as their Deadpool, nor do they have to.

Even outside of my favorite interpretation, I've never found Wade to just be an over-sexed neanderthal who seemingly can't spell (bewbs….really?). Deadpool has been surrounded by women in many books over the years, and yet most of the time there was something extremely likable about his constant foibles with characters like Black Widow & Domino. Those situations accentuated his terrible timing, bad one liners, and over-confidence, but also kept things funny & lighthearted so you would root for him. Here we just have him being crass for the sake of being crass, and it doesn't translate into anything memorable or funny for that matter.

I know High Moon is capable of making a great game, and I have high expectations for the final product. The only questions I have involve the direction of their star. When written well Domino can be a really cool character, and I feel that is getting a bit lost within 4 paragraphs of "Dude Bro" talk and comments about how the developers "modeled her sweet body into the game". I'm not a prude, but I'm not sure this type of PR message is the one you want to be sending.

So, what do you think? Am I being over-sensitive? Or do I have a point? Hit me up in the comments and let me know your thoughts. 

(A sequence that gets the slightly crude yet endearing combo right - Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


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