HEATHCLIFF is Getting His Own Movie

Movieby Joey Paur

When it comes to comic cats I've always been a Garfield kind of guy. Unfortunately, the Garfield movies sucked ass. The other comic strip cat is Heathcliff, he was never really that interesting to me but he's going to get his own big screen adaptation. Like all movies based on stuff like this, the plan is to do a live-action/CG animated hybrid film.

The rights to the comic were acquired by the family-based production outfit Waterman Entertainment. Rights holder, Peter Gallagher had this to say in a statement,

Their track record is impeccable. 'Casper', 'Stuart Little' and 'Alvin' are examples of incorporating elements that past audiences loved and adding a contemporary flair that makes these properties endure with a whole new generation. That is exactly what I was looking to achieve with 'Heathcliff'. We want our existing fans to identify with the characters they know while introducing him to an entirely new audience. As a creator I know that they will be attentive to our lasting vision for the brand and welcome our input, which is very important to me.

Head of Development, Cooper Waterman added,

When working in concert with the creators and rights holders, you are able to tap their wealth of knowledge on the character and ensure the storylines remain true to the brand and their global fan base. This will allow us to confidently present ‘Heathcliff’ to a new generation and excite fans with new stories and plots.

Most movies like this tend to turn out bad. I'm not really all that excited or interested in a Heathcliff movie, but I suppose there's an audience out there that is. What do you think about Heathcliff getting his own movie?

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