Terrifying Cereal Character Mascot Redesigns

ArtHumor by Joey Paur

Here's a horrific series of cereal character mascot art created by Guillermo Fajardo. He's taken the lovable mascots from Captain Crunch, Trix, Count Chocula and Frosted Flakes and given them an insanely terrifying character redesign. Each one of them looks like they belong in an insane asylum. 

I love a good bowl of cereal in the morning! Chocolate Frosted Flakes are currently my favorite. What's yours?And what do you think of these character redesigns? 

I've always wondered what if the charecters from our favorite cereal boxes were actual real life moving and dramatic creatures. So I chose the beloved Captain Crunch as the lead man of this collection. 

Trix! Our Hypochondriac friend is addicted to cereal and enemy of sunlight, but not underestimate him! his passion for skating makes him a competitor maniac and not always a fair rival.

But be careful! 'cause the friendly human dressed as Count Chocula has recently becomed into a convinced-to-be-a-vampire murderer and is ready to hunt. Guess I don't have to warn you about keeping your neck safe during breakfast,... should I?  


He is masculine, very competitive and addicted to body building...It's your all-time favorite fierce-costumed-latin-lover Tony. What a better choice than breakfast with a perverse self-obssesed animal!

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