HBO Wants a New World War II Series and They got David Fincher

HBO is looking to add another World War II miniseries to their collection which already includes Band of Brothers and The Pacific, which both came from producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. I loved those series, and I want to see more! 

HBO heads Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler revealed the news and explained that the third series would follow the aerial battles in the Pacific. How badass is that?! One of my favorite aspects of WWII were the aerial battles, and it will be amazing to see this brought to life! There's no confirmation, but I imagine that Spielberg and Hanks will be back to develop it. 

David Fincher is a different story all together. There's no word on if he'll be a part of this new WWII project they want to do, but the cable network has signed a deal with him. There's no word on what he'll be developing for them, but The Playlist points out that a couple of years ago Fincher teamed up with Charlize Theron to adapt the book Mind Hunter: Inside The FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit into a series. The book was written by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, and follows Douglas' work as an FBI profiler who tracked serial killers. This is perfect territory for Fincher, and if this is what Fincher is planning to bring to the table I imagine it would be awesome!

What do you all think about HBO wanting to make another WWII series and making a deal with David Fincher?