WB Sends Studio Rep to Keep An Eye on FURY ROAD

Fans of director George Miller know that the filmmaker has a tendency to run over budget and a bit behind schedule. It's often not his fault - as with the planned Justice League movie a few years ago, or when Fury Road was delayed because the change in scenery on location - but Warner Bros. isn't taking any chances.

THR reports that the studio is sending producer Denise di Novi to keep an eye on things during production on Fury Road, which stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, and report back to President Jeff Robinov. Honestly, this type of thing probably happens all the time, so there's no need for us to blow it out of proportion and start assuming that this production is in trouble. Yes, it's moving a few days behind schedule right now in Namibia, but that doesn't mean that we have a disaster on our hands.

On the even more positive side, I think it's awesome that Miller, the man who created the Mad Max franchise in the first place, is being given the opportunity to come back and continue his series mostly on his terms. If it was being handed off to an up-and-coming filmmaker, I doubt there would be quite this much excitement about this project, and we're all anxious to see what he can do with future installments in this classic post-apocalyptic franchise.

Are you looking forward to taking a drive down Fury Road?

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