Black Widow will Appear in CAPTAIN AMERICA 2

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is gearing up for production! Marvel and directors Joe and Anthony Russo are currently testing five actresses for the lead female role in the film. 

Emilia Clarke (Game of ThronesJessica Brown Findlay (Downtown Abbey), Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies), Alison Brie (Community) and Imogen Poots (Fright Night) are all auditioning for the Steve Rogers love interest. Poots was mentioned to be in the running for the role about a month ago, along with Anna Kendrick and Felicity Jones who obviously didn't make the cut. 

There's no official information on what character these actresses would play, but I assume it's Sharon Carter, the niece of Margaret "Peggy" Carter who was played by Hayley Atwell in the first Captain America film. She is a love interest for Rogers in the comics.

Deadline also revealed that Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow will show up in the film as well! There's no information on how big of a part she will play, or what her role will be in the story, but it would be cool to see her kicking ass alongside Captain America again! If you've read the comic then you know that there's kind of a history between Winter Soldier and Black Widow. They had a little thing going at one point, but then ended up fighting each other. I believe he even helped train her. It will be interesting to see how they tie these two together in the Marvel movie universe. 

Anyone care to speculate what Black Widow's role will be in the film? And who out of these actresses would you like to see play the lead female character?

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