Ubisoft and New Regency Team Up for ASSASSIN'S CREED Movie

Looks like that Assassins Creed movie Ubisoft has been wanting to make is going to happen! The video game developer has partnered up with New Regency who will finance and distribute the film! It's already been reported that X-Men: First Class star Michael Fassbender will take on the lead role in the movie, which is perfect casting. 

The project is now on the fast track to production, and they will start work on getting a screenplay written up immediately. Ubisoft will maintain control of key elements of the movie's creative direction. Hopefully they will be able to turn this awesome game franchise into an awesome movie franchise. 

New Regency CEO Brad Weston had this to say,

This is the perfect intersection of what we have been trying to do, and that is to work with top quality talent like Michael Fassbender. We see this as our first big commercial action franchise property. Fassbender just did 12 Years A Slave with us, and he is as good an actor as there is right now. The storyline we are pursuing has a great narrative and because Ubisoft’s games are so character and story driven, Assassin’s Creed lends itself perfectly to our goal to re-brand Regency as a filmmaker driven company.

Jean-Julien Baronnet, chief executive officer, Ubisoft Motion Pictures added,

Ubisoft chose to partner with New Regency because they are a talent- and filmmaker-driven company, with the same independent and creative mindset that we have at Ubisoft Motion Pictures. Bringing aboard New Regency’s renowned production and distribution expertise while maintaining our own creative and financial flexibility ensures that 'Assassin's Creed' will be a high-quality film that respects the lore and fans of the video game franchise.

I really hope they can get a great script, and bring on a solid director to pull this off. If it's done right it can change that way video game movies are made. It could also possibly pave the way for other video games like Halo and Bioshock to get back on the road to becoming films. 

I love the Assassin's Creed games, and it has the potential to be an incredibly badass and visually stunning film franchise! Are you excited to hear that the movie is actually going to happen? 

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