Walking Dead S3 Ep2: Wreck It Rick?!

Was I not the only one completely taken aback by what I saw last night? For those of you who missed it (hey this might be a good time not to read if you haven't seen the episode yet) Rick completely squashed any possible tension between the group and the prison inmates by taking very "Shane-esque" action. Don't get me wrong, we've seen Rick drop just about anyone who threatens him directly, but I wasn't expecting it to happen so outright as it did! Then to abandon the two remaining survivors to the cell block with no help? That's a cold blooded side we didn't see last season when he went out of his way to keep a kid prisoner. 
Then we have the whole Lori tension that I don't fully grasp. He wasn't mad last season about the child potentially being Shane's, but now it seems he won't even talk to her. This lack of compassion or caring is another thing we haven't seen too much from the formerly "big hearted" Rick. It honestly makes me wonder how rough that winter was for him to undergo such a huge transformation. Hopefully we will see a winter episode sometime in the future to give us a better grasp of how the new Rick came to be.
Other than that there's only a few other head scratching moments that I had this episode such as...
  • Why does Carl have the keys if you don't want him to leave the cell?
  • How can five inmates stay in one room for 200+ days and not be severely disturbed?
  • Why did Carol have to leave Herschel's bedside at a critical stage in his recovery to practice a C-section on a zombie? Couldn't she have waited until the next day at least?
That and the mysterious stranger watching Carol in the woods, but I have a feeling that question will be answered sooner than later. Anything else you want to talk about? Post below!
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