Adorable Geek Baby Halloween Costumes

Photos by Eli Reyes

If there's something cuter than a baby in a Halloween costume... I don't wanna know about it. With youngins in costume providing you with 100% daily value of vitamin A-dorable, what can you do to bring the geek? 

Here's some great examples gathered together by io9 that show parents projecting all their geeky hopes and aspirations on their young ones. The kids don't know why they're cool, but their parents do.

Baby Jack Skellington via Locked Illusions.

Baby Carl via Auburn Soul Photography

Baby Gimli by Sean Donohue at Flickr.

Baby Chun Li via Shockwave

Baby Tron by instructables 

Baby Tardis by Sabrina Louise Miller on Craftster

Baby Dobby via Cute Kids in Costumes

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