Best Baby Halloween Costume Goes to... This Kid's DeLorean Push Cart

'Wait a minute, Dad. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a DeLorean... out of a push cart?' No, this isn't a sequel to Back to the Future where Doc Brown figures out how to build time machines inside the human body making Marty McFly younger -- though, that's just a stupid enough idea that Hollywood might make it. *sssshhhh* 

This is lil' Cooper, who just may have the coolest Halloween costume thanks to the creativity of his mom Cody. Not bad for Cooper's first Halloween, eh?

Theses photos show all the impressive details put into this modded out kid's push cart, complete with the "OUTATIME" license plate and modern dates on the control board sending this kid back to 1985. Cody's husband Jeremy added some sweet looking EL lights, and voilà! The only thing missing from the DeLorean? The Flux Capacitor! Not that anyone would see it, since it'd be behind the kid's back, but... how do you expect to time travel without one?

To check out more photos head to Cody's Flickr page (via Geekologie).

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