Patrick Wilson and Liv Tyler Star in 70s Sci-Fi Dramady SPACE STATION 76

Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Matt Bomer, Jerry O’Connell, and Marisa Coughlan all star in a new sci-fi dramatic comedy called Space Station 76, and it's already finished shooting! The movie was written and directed by actor Jack Plotnick

The film is described as being set in a 1970s version of the future, and the story "centers on the goings-on in a space station. Tyler plays a new assistant captain whose arrival causes tension amongst the crew while Wilson is the bitter and suicidal captain. Bomer is a technician with a robotic hand who is married to a manipulative woman (Coughlan)." 

This is Plotnick's first time directing a feature film, and he did it under the radar. According to THR he was trying to use the space station as a metaphor for his life growing up in 1970s suburbia. He explained, 

People think that the 1970s were about the discos and the free love, but in the suburbs you were left feeling, ‘Where’s the party?’ So the emotional story is what I felt in the '70s. My parents weren’t happy together and they stuck it out for the kids. It’s an homage to them. And in one way, I think we’re like these solitary ships in space trying to connect.

It's really interesting to see how the movie came together. He basically used his acting relationships to get the ball rolling on it. "He sent the script to Wilson via a mutual friend; Wilson’s subsequent boarding gave the project legitimacy. Tyler came into the picture via Plotnick’s acting website; he knew the actress had downloaded his tutorial videos and purchased books and was keen to work with him." From there everything just seemed to fall into place, which is awesome!

It sounds like a great and interesting concept and he's got a great cast to back it up. I can't wait to see how this turns out. 

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