RESIDENT EVIL 4: Hot Toys Calls in Ada Wong for their Sixth Scale Line

Hot Toys has just put up their newest sixth scale figure for pre-order, and it turns out its none other than fan favorite Ada Wong. Its the most recent entry in their Video Game Masterpieces series, and they've done quite well in capturing Ada in figure form. Now this is specifically based on her Resident Evil 4 incarnation, but her look hasn't drastically changed from game to game anyway, so any RE fan would probably be interested.

As with all of their figures, Ada comes with a plethora of interchangeable hands and accessories, including a crossbow and an oh so awesome tommy gun. She also has 25 points of articulation, so for those who actually open the boxes of their figures (like me) you have a ridiculous amount of poses to choose from. She comes in at 12 inches high and will go on sale sometime in March of 2013.

To give Ada a place on your shelf you will need to pony up $200, but the good news is you can break that up into 3 payments of about $66. I know that's still expensive, but its better than nothing right? To be fair these figures are extremely well done, and this one seems to be no different. If you're a Resident Evil fan nonetheless an Ada Wong fan, you might want to check it out. You can head to Sideshow's product page or to the Hot Toys official page to find out more about it.

So what does everybody think? Too expensive or totally worth it? 

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