How Arnold Schwarzenegger Tried to Change the Line "I'll Be Back"

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he tried to change his most famous movie line, "I'll be back." The line was the brain child of Terminator writer/director James Cameron, and became one of Schwarzenegger's tag lines for his political campaigns and other movies as well, most recently in The Expendables 2.

So why did he try to change it, and what did he try to change it to? The actor explained:

I could not pronounce really well this 'I'll' so I just kept saying to James Cameron just say 'I will be back,' as it sounds more like a machine ... and he says 'No, no, no.' He says 'Look, I don't tell you how to act so don't tell me how to write. I wrote the line 'I'll be back'. It sounds really weird when I say it with my German accent but he said 'I don't care,' let's just say it 10 different ways and then one will work. And so that's what we did.

Was this really the excuse he used? Arnold, did you think you didn't have an Austrian accent for the other 99% of dialogue you have? Sure you don't say much, but let's not kid ourselves into thinking you sound American. I wonder if he tried to change the name of the state of California, cuz he butchered that everytime he tried to say it.

Seeing as most people misquote Darth Vader's line from The Empire Strikes Back as, "Luke, I am your father," when the line is actually, "No. I am your father!" I think the Arnold's slightly altered line would have still worked out. Do you think the line would have been just as famous had Arnold gotten his way?

You can check out the full video interview at Yahoo!.

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