Natalie Portman Scopes CODE NAME SASHA and LAST WITNESS

It shouldn't have taken winning the Best Actress Academy Award for Black Swan to let you know that Natalie Portman is a terrific talent. She's been acting from a very young age, and has tackled loads of genre fare (Star Wars, anyone?) as well as more dramatic material, and now that she's coming back from a maternity leave, she's back in demand again.

The Wrap reports that Portman is considering two new projects. One is called Code Name Sasha, which is being hailed as Training Day meets La Femme Nikita, and centers on a single mom who has been involved in crime her whole life. She's asked by the FBI to go undercover and take down the world's biggest gun running operation.

The other is Last Witness, where she would play a psychologist who works with a patient experiencing amnesia following a bombing in a Boston cafe.

Personally, I'd much rather see her in Code Name Sasha, because it reminds me of her crack-addled character she portrayed on SNL and because it just sounds like she'd be able to let loose more than she would as a psychologist. Either way, we're excited to see what she chooses next and we're really stoked to check out her new movie Jane Got A Gun, which is a western that might co-star Michael Fassbender. Stay tuned for more.

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