Incredible Giant Zombie Pumpkin Carving

ArtZombieby Joey Paur

We've posted a fair amount of awesome pumpkin carvings throughout the month of October, but I saved the best for last! Here's an insanely badass giant pumpkin carving of a full sized zombie. The pumpkin sculpture was created by master pumpkin, toy and sand sculptor Ray Villafane and his radical team from Villafane Studios. The largest pumpkin they carved up weighed 1,872 pounds.

The Pumpkin Zombie is known as the Harvester, and as you can see he's pulling a few other pumpkin zombies right out of the ground by their pumpkin vines. It's amazing to see what people are doing with pumpkins these days.

Check out the process of creating this zombie scene in the videos! There's also more pictures below! 

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