SLEEPING DOGS - Horror Themed DLC Arrives Just In Time For Halloween

Arriving just in time for Halloween, everyone's favorite Hong Kong under(sleeping)dog video game is getting some DLC that looks like an 80's horror film. Nightmare in North Point has the essentials: you have the strong, synth musical score, angry demons, and a B-movie story. It's everything that a horror fan would want and it also gives you that Sleeping Dogs' action that you love. 

A gangster named Smiley Cat has arrived to take over the criminal underworld with magical powers. Turns out he can also raise the dead as well as wield magic. Oh, and did I mention he comes from Hell? The story seems pretty silly/awesome and a bit of a tonal change from the game, itself. I am for this added flavor, but will everyone take to it?

I think someone like horror director, John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing, Escape from New York), would dig this trailer. I mean, it feels like Big Trouble in Little China to me and it echos his style quite a bit. Maybe that's just me, but if you agree, let me know!

Nightmare in North Point is $4.99 (or the equivalent MS Points) and you can grab it today!

Do you want your Sleeping Dogs to be a little more weird, or do you prefer it as it is?

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