TERMINATOR 2 - Never Before Seen Stan Winston Set Photos and Concept Art!

Here's an awesome collection of exclusive behind the scenes photos from James Cameron's classic 1991 film Terminator 2 from Stan Winston's special effects work shop that have never been seen before! This was such an incredible and iconic sci-fi film, and I want to thank Stan Winston School for sending these photos to us to share with you all for Halloween! 

We've got some great shots of some of the special effects used in the film. The photos show James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger side by side shooting the Terminator's cyborg hand. There's also several images of some Schwarzenegger bust sculpts used for the film, a piece of concept art, and a couple others -- one of which includes a sculpt of Linda Hamilton screaming in terror. This must have been such a cool project to work on!

I miss seeing practical special effects being used in films. I freakin' love this kind of stuff! I can't wait to see what other kinds of historic film special effects treasures end up being released by the Stan Winston School of awesomeness! I hope you enjoy seeing these Terminator 2 photos just as much as I did!