Twistedly Cool Halloween Short Film - NO WAY OUT

Check out this terrifyingly awesome supernatural horror short film called "No Way Out" written by AICN's Eric Vespe a.k.a. Quint and directed by Kristoffer Aaron Morgan.

The movie stars A.J. Bowen (The Signal, The House of the Devil, You’re Next) who plays a man that is desperately trying to escape an isolated place full of creatures who torment him from the dark.

The movie played at Fantastic Fest last year, but now you can watch it online! "Now Way Out" was shot for less than $3000 in two days, and here's what Morgan had to say about it,

I wanted this to be a simple, visual horror poem about being paralyzed by your own thoughts. Working with AJ Bowen was pure movie making bliss. He blends professionalism and good natured humor perfectly while on set, making everything more relaxed.

I thought this was a great horror short, and I hope you enjoy it! Happy Halloween! I will warn you, it's pretty brutal. 

No Way Out from Arcanum Pictures on Vimeo.


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